Lecture Access - Frequently Asked Questions

Have you run into a problem using the Lecture Access page? Please review the following frequently asked questions. Please read them completely and follow the instructions. Please do not automatically contact Technical Support! There are very few support people and many, many class members.

If you read through these answers and follow the instructions and still have a problem, there are instructions at the end of this document that will help you (and us) in contacting technical support. We really want to get your question handled as quickly as possible so please read the FAQ’s.

First of all, pray and don’t panic!

1)      I clicked the link in the “Lecture is available” email and the website is prompting me for a Volunteer Access Code? Shouldn’t the lecture play automatically?

a.       Normally, the lecture will play automatically. Your browser security may have prevented this from happening.

b.      Look in the “Lecture is available” email message for the following section:
“If the lecture does not automatically start playing, please enter the following access code into the Volunteer Access Code box:     AbCdeFGh

c.       Use the mouse to highlight the code in the email.

d.      Press the Ctrl + C keys on your keyboard.

e.       Switch back to the www.bsfinternational.org website screen and place the cursor in the “Volunteer Access Code:” box.

f.        Press the Ctrl + V keys on your keyboard.


g.       Click the “Listen” button.

2)      I entered the volunteer access code, clicked on “listen” and received an error that the code is not found.


a.       It is possible that the Mobile Lecture Time (MLT) administrator has uploaded the file more than once. EACH time the lecture is uploaded, even within the same day or week, a NEW access code is generated. Contact the MLT administrator and check to see if you have the current access code.

b.      This can happen when the volunteer access code contains a character that is easily misunderstood, such as capital I (as in I AM) being confused with lower case l (as in lecture) or the number 1. Verify the volunteer access code by changing it to a different font or copy and paste the code from the message screen and paste it into the box on the lecture access page.

3)      The lecture stops playing.

a.       This problem occurs most often with the Chrome browser. Google has documented this as a “bug” (which has not yet been fixed by them). So this is something we cannot control if you are using Chrome (although we are looking for ways to work around the problem). You could try a different browser like Firefox (you can find it here: Firefox ). You could also try Internet Explorer. A fast, consistent Internet connection will give you the highest rate of success while playing online. Slower dialup or wireless connections may stop or play only for a short period of time.

4)      I get an error message saying "Missing plug in" or "Missing Required Component".

a.       If you are on a computer running Microsoft Windows, you will need to install an MP3 player such as Microsoft Media player or QuickTime player. Your browser needs this software to play the MP3.

5)      All I see is a red X above a "Listen" button and nothing happens when I click "Listen".

a.       The red X is probably your browser's way of telling you that you need to allow it to play the audio file. If you click on the red X it should bring up a menu to grant access.

6)      Can I listen to the lecture on my mobile smart phone?

a.       Yes and no. Until a truly mobile application is developed for Android and Apple, mobile devices are not supported.  However, you can listen to it on the iPhone by entering the Volunteer Access Code. We are working on a mobile version of the player for easier access. BUT there are thousands of combinations of mobile devices operating systems and browsers so there is no guarantee at this point that any of the mobile devices will work!

7)      The recording is too quiet, too slow or too fast.

a.       The recording quality is determined by the recording device, not the Mobile Lecture Player. First, verify that your computer speakers are turned on. If the recording quality is poor, please contact the MLT administrator for your class.

How to contact BSF Technical Support

BEFORE contacting technical support – Have you contacted the Mobile Lecture Time administrator for your class? (If you don't know who this person is, ask an administrative leader or your group leader.) Why contact the MLT Administrator? They are much more available and may have immediate answers to your questions. BSF Tech Support gets many emails a day and it can sometimes take over a day to get to your question. If your MLT Administrator is not able to resolve the issue, contact Tech support at BSF using the instructions below (please): techsupport@bsfinternational.org

The key to a quick response and resolution of your problem is good information. The subject line of your email should immediately identify the problem. Here is a real example of an email that was difficult to answer quickly:

Subject: Lecture

Body Text: Can’t access

A terse email like this may be easy to send, but it is tough to answer!

Please help us by proving the following:

1)              A short but descriptive subject line
“When I try to log in, it says "No matching record found". Excellent! A tech support person will know what to start with. Please provide as complete a subject as possible: An error message, a short description, anything that will give us a starting point.

2)              A full explanation of the problem in the body of the email. “Can’t Access” is not enough information so tell us:

a.       What page you are trying to access. A cut and paste of the URL (the text that begins with http or ‘www’, etc.) from your browser will help.

b.      Details on what you tried. For example “I tried using item 1, iii, c on the FAQ and I was unable to log in.” Or, “when I got the error the first time I went back to the sign in page, clicked on the “Forgot Password” link but I couldn’t answer the “What is my favorite BSF Study” Question.”

c.       Please give us your name and class name and your class number (if you know it). We would like to respond to you personally so tell us who you are! This is especially the case with shared family emails that come to us like: ‘Bob and Shirley Smith’ bobandshirleysmith@gmail.com. Are you Bob or are you Shirley? We don’t know! So give us your name please (and class…).

3)              Does the problem involve the Mobile Lecture Time player? Then give us the following information:          

a. Just above the Mobile Lecture Time title is a link called OS Info. Here is a screen shot that shows the link highlighted:

b. When you click on that link you will see a popup window display some information about your PC and browser. Like so:

c. Copy that information and paste it into your email. That information can help us figure out your mobile lecture player problems. Most of all be patient! At high volume times when classes begin or when we roll out a new or updated feature, we can get swamped with emails pretty quickly so please be patient.

By the way, we *always* appreciate your prayers. Thanks!

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