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MLT — Frequently Asked Questions (and answers!)

Have you run into a problem using the Lecture Access page? Please review the following frequently asked questions. Please read them completely and follow the instructions. Please do not automatically contact Technical Support! There are very few support people and many, many class members.

If you read through these answers and follow the instructions and still have a problem, there are instructions at the end of this document that will help you (and us) in contacting technical support. We really want to get your question handled as quickly as possible so please read the FAQ’s.

First of all, pray and don’t panic!

I cannot access the lecture – Log in issues

Problem: I am a BSF leader and cannot log into the website.

Answer: Have you registered on the website? Click on Sign In and then complete the registration information on the right hand side of the screen.

Answer: Have you forgotten your password? Click on Sign In and look to the left, you will see a link, Forgot Password. Click that link and follow the instructions.

Answer: Is your email address unique to you and only you? You cannot share an email address with another BSF class member. One of you MUST use a different or new email address.

I cannot access the lecture – resources are not found

Problem: I am a BSF leader but do not see Lecture Access in the menu or it only prompts me for a Volunteer Access Code.

Answer: This may happen you have registered with a different email address than the one in the local class database. Either change your email on this website (by clicking My Profile, Change My Email Address) or ask the Administrative Leader to update your registration record on the local class database.

Answer: Look at the top right of your browser. If you have a message “No class record or duplicates found for email address” then you likely share an email address with another BSF member. One of you needs to update your class record with a different email address. Contact your Class Administrator or Administrative Leader to get this corrected. Then register on the website with your new email address.

Problem: I entered the Volunteer Access Code, clicked on Listen and nothing happened.

Answer: It is possible that the Recorded Lecture Administrator has uploaded the file more than once. EACH time the lecture is uploaded, even within the same day or week, a NEW access code is generated. Contact the Recorded Lecture Administrator and check to see if you have the current access code.

Answer: This can happen when the Volunteer Access Code contains a character that is easily misunderstood, such as capital I (as in I AM) being confused with lower case l (as in lecture) or the number 1. Copy the code from the notification email and paste it into the box on Resources, Lecture access page.

I cannot access the lecture - I get nothing

Problem: I click the Play button on the Media Player but nothing happens.

Answer: If you have access to another device or browser, please see if the issue is occurring with your equipment.

Answer: If you have an Apple device, you may need to download the lecture to your computer and then sync/transfer it to your mobile device.

Answer: The lecture upload may have failed. Contact your Recorded Lecture Administrator so they can verify the uploaded file.

Answer: A slow connection can take up to a minute or two to load the lecture. If, after a few minutes nothing happens when you click the Play button, see Contact BSF Technical Support.

Problem: I click play on the Media Player but I cannot hear the lecture.

Answer: Check the speaker volume on your device.

I cannot access the lecture - I can only hear part of the lecture

Problem: The lecture begins playing, but stops before it finishes.

Answer: A poor Internet connection can disrupt playback. You may want to try at another time or relocate to a place with a better internet connection.

Answer: If all leaders have this problem, it is possible that the lecture was not uploaded successfully. Contact your Recorded Lecture Administrator to upload again.

Problem: The recording is too quiet, too slow or too fast.

Answer: The recording quality is determined by the recording device, not the media player. Contact the Recorded Lecture Administrator for your class.

Problem: I get a "The operation timed out." error message.

Answer: This likely is the result of your location having a slow internet connection. You can try again when your network isn’t so busy or you can relocate to a place with faster or more stable internet.

Contact BSF Technical Support

1. First contact your Recorded Lecture Administrator.

2. If they can’t help you, contact BSF Tech Support using the instructions below (please):

Email: techsupport@bsfinternational.org

Subject: Identify the problem with a short descriptive sentence and include the error message if possible e.g. “When I try to log in, it says "No class record or duplicates found".

Email body: Please provide a full explanation of your problem, including:

· Page: What page were you trying to access? Cut and paste the URL from your browser (the text that begins with “http” or “www”).

· Details: What were you trying to do? For example, “I clicked on the ‘Forgot Password’ link but I didn’t get the reset password email.”

· Your Info: Please provide your name, class name and number (if you know it).

· OS Info: Just above the Lecture Player title is a link called OS Info. Click on the link and a popup window will display info about your computer and browser. Copy that information and paste it into your email body.

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