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Explaining the Bible (Lesson # 1) (简体中文) (繁體中文)

Preparing a Child for Spiritual Birth (Lesson # 2) (简体中文) (繁體中文)

The Parents' Privilege (Lesson # 3) (简体中文) (繁體中文)

Teaching Biblical Truths to Your Child (Lesson # 4) (简体中文) (繁體中文)

Scripture Memorization With Your Child (Lesson # 5) (简体中文) (繁體中文)

Helping Your Child Learn to Pray (Lesson # 6) (简体中文) (繁體中文)

Understanding Sin (Lesson # 7) (简体中文) (繁體中文)

Preparing Your Child for God's Plan (Lesson # 8) (简体中文) (繁體中文)

Introducing Your Child to the Joy of Quietness (Lesson #9) (简体中文) (繁體中文)

Important Biblical Words for Your Child (Lesson # 10) (简体中文) (繁體中文)

Praying for Your Child (Lesson # 11) (简体中文) (繁體中文)

Ways Parents Can Pray for Themselves (Lesson # 12) (简体中文) (繁體中文)

Failures and Discouragement in Parenting (Lesson # 13) (简体中文) (繁體中文)

The Impact of a Parent's Words (Lesson # 14) (简体中文) (繁體中文)

Your Child's Commitment to Christ (Lesson # 15) (简体中文) (繁體中文)

Your Child's Spiritual Growth (Lesson # 16) (简体中文) (繁體中文)

God's Desires for Your Child (Lesson # 17) (简体中文) (繁體中文)

Teaching Children Attitudes of Reverence and Worship (Lesson # 18) (简体中文) (繁體中文)

Teaching Your Child About the Lord's Supper (Lesson # 19) (简体中文) (繁體中文)

Nurturing a Grateful Spirit (Lesson # 20) (简体中文) (繁體中文)

Consequences of Labeling Children (Lesson # 21) (简体中文) (繁體中文)

Talking About Death (Lesson # 22) (简体中文) (繁體中文)

Walking and Talking With Your Child (Lesson # 23) (简体中文) (繁體中文)

Introducing Your Child to Corporate Worship (Lesson # 24) (简体中文) (繁體中文)

Teaching Your Child to Be Responsible (Lesson # 25) (简体中文) (繁體中文)

Answering Your Child's Questions About Angels (Lesson # 26) (简体中文) (繁體中文)

Answering Your Child's Questions About the Lord's Return (Lesson # 27) (简体中文) (繁體中文)

Being Content in Your Role as Parent (Lesson # 28) (简体中文) (繁體中文)

The Good News in Discipline (Lesson # 29) (简体中文) (繁體中文)

Parenting – God's Appointed Calling (Lesson # 30) (简体中文) (繁體中文)